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Bean Bags

Beanbags online shopping in Pakistan buying guide

In the simplest definition, a bean bag, also known as a beanbag, consists only of a cover and filling. This offers a decisive advantage over armchairs, chairs and stools: the bean bags can be shaped at will with a cuddly flexibility and a softness that is second to none. You no longer have to be careful of unpleasant corners or edges.

In this way, an XXL armchair can be realized in which the piece of furniture adapts completely to your body - and not the other way around. Result? A sitting feeling like on cloud nine with incomparable comfort. No matter which sitting or lying position you choose - the beanbag adapts perfectly to you.

Hardly any other piece of furniture invites you to relax while reading an interesting book, to switch off with a captivating series or to enjoy the sun on the balcony or even in your own garden.



As already discussed, there is hardly any other seating option that can be used in as many different ways as the trendy beanbag. Whether for children, young people or adults: a beanbag is never out of place in children's and young people's rooms, living rooms, gardens or offices. If you combine several beanbags, giant cushions and meditation cushions, you can even build comfortable cushion landscapes.


Top websites now offer sophisticated beanbag configurators. Here you not only choose whether you want your beanbag in red, green, blue or yellow. So little choice was yesterday! Through a process in which you simply select the type of fabric, color, filling, double-stitched seam, inner cover and sometimes even your own color composition, you can put together your very own XXL bean bag, gamer beanbag or beanbag chair.


It doesn't matter whether you prefer the skin-friendly microfiber, the hard-wearing nylon for outdoors, the noble luxury leather, the cuddly plush or the easy-to-care-for artificial leather - it is important that the beanbag enthusiast is offered this choice at all!


With hardly any other piece of furniture you can influence the sitting feeling like with a beanbag. This depends on the choice of filling. With frago you can choose between the popular Qithan filling with jagged foam flakes, the tried-and-tested Styrofoam beads, the fine sandy Styrofoam micro-beads tested for harmful substances, the cuddly soft frago mixture and the various flame-retardant beanbag fillings.


Due to the high-quality fabrics that are processed and the almost indestructible double quilted seam (optional), you decide on a long-term durability of your sitsack. And aren't you happy when you can have a different outer shell made even after many years, because you just want a change of scenery?


Inner covers, also called inlets, with zips that separate the filling from the outer cover, allow you to remove the latter easily and without much effort. Particularly practical if, for example, a cup of cocoa has been spilled or there are other stains on the beanbag cover. Then the outer shell has to go in the washing machine or dry cleaning.


Not only the type of fabric and beanbag filling material are decisive, but also the size and shape of the seat cushion. In general, a distinction is made between the classic beanbag (drop shape), the giant cushion (rectangular or round beanbag) and the seat gondola (beanbag with a high backrest). More on this below in the ultimate beanbag guide under “What types of beanbags are there?”.


It's rare that a piece of furniture conforms to the body as precisely as a beanbag. Normally the body has to adjust to a rigid, immobile chair or armchair. Not good. However, the flexibility of the bean bag can help to relieve your spine and pelvis. And not only that: the back muscles are also relaxed with the indoor beanbag.


When it comes to softness, comfort, and coziness, bean bags are hard to beat. This is due to the fact that such XXL pillows do not have a rigid framework that dictates their shape. The beanbag shape is simply free-flowing, so both you and your beanbag are constantly in motion. Because the best sitting or lying position is always the next one.



After regular use of beanbags - especially if the sitting position is always the same over time - a certain shape of the beanbag becomes firmer. Before you then want to take a different position in the beanbag, you should lay the beanbag on its side, hit it hard with your hands and arms and thereby redistribute the filling throughout the cover. So the gamer beanbag or the beanbag lounger is fluffy again and ready for the next sitting position.


Especially with Styrofoam bead fillings, a noticeable loss of volume can occur after a while and you sit closer and closer to the floor. Because the Styrofoam balls have to constantly roll against each other - unfortunately, the abrasion permanently reduces the size of the balls. Foam flakes, on the other hand, last much longer because they wedge into each other and compress and separate again when the load is applied.


You have the option of ordering your beanbag without an inner cover. Or often with one that doesn't last as long as the outer shell and is therefore useless. We recommend that you choose a high-quality inner lining, because then you can easily wash the outer cover in the washing machine if it is washable.


Bean bags come in many different shapes and sizes. That's why these chill chairs are so versatile. With so many shapes and species, it's easy to lose track. But don't worry: all beanbags can be classified into one of the following four categories.

  • The classic drop-shaped beanbag
  • The outdoor beanbag
  • Giant pillows (rectangular or round pillows, often mistakenly called beanbags)
  • High back bean bags

The type or shape of the beanbag will have a significant impact on your seating experience. That's why you should think carefully in advance which shape suits you best and how you want to use your beanbag primarily. When choosing the fabric, the main question is whether the seating furniture is to be used indoors or outdoors.


The classic teardrop-shaped beanbag has been popular since the 1960s and was as rebellious and trendy back then as it is today. In hardly any other piece of furniture can you sink as deeply as in this armchair with cult status.

This armchair with a lounge feeling gets its shape from the construction with an oval base part and two side parts sewn together. Hardly any seating furniture on the market can keep up with the classic XXL beanbag when it comes to comfort and snuggling. 


The giant cushion is the big brother of the classic beanbag - an XXL cushion consisting of just two side parts sewn together. The giant pillow is particularly popular in the size 140x180 cm. Even a tall, stretched out person feels very comfortable on this cushion lounger. The dimensions of these large cushions range from approx. 60x60 cm to a monster playground of 220x220 cm.

Giant cushions are often mistakenly referred to as beanbags. However, beanbags are such flexible teardrop-shaped armchairs that were designed in 1968 by the Italian inventors Piero Gatti, Cesare Paolini and Franco Teodoro .

For giant and large cushions, which consist of two side parts, the term "floor cushion" would be most appropriate in addition to the term "giant cushion". A giant cushion is primarily used for comfortable lying . If you put it on the long or short side, you can also sit well in it. However, it is best to sit in a classic beanbag.


The outdoor beanbag is the outdoor version of the classic indoor beanbag and the giant cushion. What could be better than reading an excellent book comfortably and relaxed in the beanbag? Well, reading that book in the bean bag outside in the fresh air and glorious sunshine.

Indoor and outdoor beanbags differ in the processing and the type of fabric selected for the outer cover as well as in the recommended filling. Hard-wearing, weatherproof and robust nylon fabrics are usually used as the beanbag cover for such an outdoor cushion. As filling material, bead fillings with a larger diameter are recommended. EPS Styrofoam balls and polypropylene beads are particularly noteworthy here. We do not recommend using foam flake fillings, as these can absorb moisture despite the weatherproof outer shell.

But just because the outdoor XXL beanbag or the 140x180 cm outdoor giant cushion is designed for the garden, terrace or balcony does not mean that this chill cushion has to be banished to these places. Such an outdoor cushion can be integrated just as well into the living area.

Since the outdoor beanbag is exposed to the elements of wind, water and sun, special attention should be paid to the outer cover when choosing the desired outdoor beanbag. The type of fabric used should be wind and water resistant. In particular, nylon or polyester fabrics with a PVC coating make sense here. To prevent the polyfiber fabric from fading, UV-resistant fabrics are recommended.


Bean bags with a high backrest, also known as seat gondolas, have been very popular for about 20 years. Such seat gondolas have a shape that is much more defined than that of the classic beanbag. In order to retain the iconic shape, however, the seat gondola has to be filled or stuffed more firmly than is the case with a beanbag. Ergo: Although the seat gondola offers you excellent back support, it is not as fluffy and soft as a classic, teardrop-shaped beanbag.

However, some customers would like to sit more firmly, but not as firmly as on a chair. This compromise succeeds in an exemplary manner with the seat gondola.


If you want to plan your beanbag down to the smallest detail and tailor it to your needs and taste, you can't do without a beanbag configurator. If you want the beanbag chair or the giant cushion to blend seamlessly into the living environment, the color, type of fabric and filling must correspond exactly to your wishes. It is even better if you are given the opportunity to order fabric samples before you buy. So you can be sure that your beanbag will match the rest of your furnishings in terms of color and material - whether in the living room, bedroom or children's room.

With a pillow configurator, you should also be able to choose from different fillings. After all, the feeling of sitting, lying and resting varies greatly with a pearl filling, foam flake filling or fiber filling. More on this in our purchase criteria under “Filling”


When it comes to beanbags, there has never been such a large selection as there is today. With the wide range of colors, shapes, sizes, fabrics and fillings, it is easy to lose track. Nevertheless, the decision needs to be carefully considered. We want to bring light into the darkness.

From our many years of experience in development, production, marketing, sales and personal customer advice, we have isolated a total of seven purchase criteria that you should (be able to) make a decision on. These are:

  1. indoors or outdoors
  2. size and shape
  3. fabric type
  4. filling
  5. inner sleeve
  6. double stitching
  7. color composition

In the following we explain each purchase criterion in detail.


The first decision that anyone interested in a beanbag has to make is the question of where to use the seat cushion or beanbag. Should the beanbag be used indoors, i.e. indoors in the apartment, children's room, bedroom or office, or outdoors, i.e. outdoors in the garden, on the terrace or balcony?

This decision is important as it influences the choice of fabric type for the bean bag cover. An outdoor beanbag can be used indoors, but due to the robust nylon it will never be as skin-friendly as a high-quality microfiber fabric designed for indoor beanbags.

An indoor beanbag, on the other hand, can also be used outdoors, but should only be used in dry conditions.


The size of the beanbag or giant pillow depends in principle on the size of its owner. However, a child can have a lot of fun with a beanbag that is designed more for adults. And buying an incremental beanbag can save you a lot of money. Important: Check whether there is enough space for the beanbag in the room provided!

Bean bags for children offer a lot of advantages. The little ones can sit, lie, play and romp around to their heart's content on the seat cushion or giant cushion - the risk of injury is lower than with conventional wood, metal or plastic furniture due to the lack of corners and edges.

Furthermore, a children's seat cushion or a beanbag for young people in bright colors is always a highlight in the children's room. A piece of furniture that can be shaped endlessly challenges the imagination over and over again.

For adults, deciding on the size of the beanbag is a little easier. The size of the beanbag is simply based on the size of the person who is to enjoy the beanbag. But which beanbag size is best for which size of person? Please see the graphic below that we have created. For each of the eight beanbag sizes, we have shown the beanbag volume as well as the recommended age and height of the person. But also think about it: who should feel comfortable next to the main person for this beanbag and what would this person like?


The type of beanbag fabric you choose has a huge impact on how you feel when you sit. In general, the types of fabric can be divided into the following five categories:

  • microfiber fabrics
  • plushes
  • nylon fabrics
  • leather
  • leatherette
  • Hardly flammable materials (if possible according to fire class B1 according to DIN 4102 Part 1)

In the following we take a general look at the properties and qualities of the respective fabrics.



Microfiber is a soft, skin-friendly cover material with high stretch resistance and durability. Due to its breathable properties, it is used extensively in the upholstered furniture industry. This tear-resistant microfiber often feels like the finest suede and is easy to clean because it can be washed in the washing machine at 30°C with a mild detergent.


The structured microfiber differs from the standard microfiber fabric by the recurring structured nature of the surface and the slightly greater thickness of the fabric. This fabric is hard-wearing, durable and dimensionally stable and offers good protection against leaking liquids thanks to the special treatment of its surface with Teflon. However, dog and cat hair is more difficult to remove than is the case with smooth microfiber.


Microfiber Basic is a fabric with all the properties of premium microfiber, but it does not reach its high class. In terms of tear resistance and longevity, however, it is in no way inferior to its more expensive siblings. It also differs in look and feel: Microfiber Basic is the “smoothest” fabric among our microfibers.


The short-fiber plush, with its comparatively long fibers, takes a leading place among the soft and cuddly beanbag fabrics. Its soft feel makes it the first choice for some customers.



Nylon is the first fiber in history to be made entirely synthetic in 1935 . This material, made from 100% polyamide, has enjoyed great popularity in outdoor beanbags for many years. Its back coating makes a beanbag highly weather-resistant. The hand feel isn't as soft as microfiber, but some customers like that stiffer, less forgiving feel.


Premium Nylon is a further development of the standard nylon. The front of this polyamide fabric is impregnated against water and dirt, and the back is additionally coated with poly-urethane. This results in a nylon that is even better suited for outdoor use. This high quality can also be noticed when pressing the fabric: the nylon is more flexible and flows better. Perfect for a piece of seating furniture that is constantly in motion.

In addition, this nylon fabric is also available as a flame-retardant variant according to DIN 4102 B1. The low flammability of Premium Nylon B1 is technically achieved through the flame-retardant additives in the back coating. In this respect, beanbags made of nylon B1 with flame-retardant filling are particularly suitable for schools, universities, museums and the like.



Stretch-resistant, easily wiped clean, resistant to a variety of liquids and durable: these are the outstanding properties of imitation leather. The imitation leather is so successful that you cannot see or feel the difference to real leather right away. Its surface can be easily wiped and cleaned with a light soap solution.

This imitation leather is also available as a flame-retardant synthetic leather B1.



If you value flame-retardant fabrics, B1 microfibre is the right choice. This specially treated, velor-like fabric is the ultimate in fire protection.

In public areas such as schools, kindergartens, hospitals, hotels, museums, restaurants and trade fairs, fire protection regulations often make it absolutely necessary for furniture to be flame retardant and meet the requirements of fire class B1 in accordance with DIN 4102 Part 1. Therefore, some companies offer to manufacture their beanbags in this noble fabric.


In addition to the type of fabric, the filling is a decisive factor in the comfort of the beanbag. Different fillings can sometimes produce a completely different seating experience and also affect how malleable the seat cushion is and how you perceive the seating experience in terms of firmness/softness. Super soft, almost delicate fillings such as the frago mixture pillows would not be suitable for the XXL beanbag Goliath with a filling volume of 800 liters, which has to carry the body weight of an adult and must not go limp even at 150 kg. Here the Qithan filling would make much more sense.

In general, beanbag and cushion fillings can be divided into four categories, namely pearl fillings, foam fillings, fiber fillings and natural fillings.

type of filling
image of the filling


  • Styrofoam beads
  • Styrofoam beads Flame retardant
  • Polypropylene beads
  • Styrofoam Micro Beads
  • Styrofoam micro beads tested for harmful substances

Beaded fills are beanbag fills made from Styrofoam beads or ball-like beads. By rolling against each other, they adapt to the body shape of the person sitting. Pearl fillings are the most frequently sold beanbag filling in Germany because they were the only filling for decades. Pearls are now preferred for outdoor beanbags and giant cushions because they absorb moisture very poorly.


  • Qithan stuffing
  • Qithan Flame retardant
  • Foam flakes pure
  • Sitjoy Mixx

Mixtures of foam flakes as beanbag filling material score particularly well with their excellent resilience and durability. Such mixtures consist of soft, interlocking foam flakes and Styrofoam beads or polypropylene beads. Composite foam fillings are silent and lose much less volume than pearl fillings over the same period. Fillings consisting exclusively of foam flakes are also often used for smaller pillows.


  • poly fiber balls
  • questionable mixture

These particularly soft fillings made of synthetic fibers are suitable for cushions and children's beanbags that should only carry a small amount of weight. In this respect, fiber fillings are particularly popular for baby beanbags, baby pillows and nursing pillows. The frago mixture consists of polyfibre balls and foam flakes.


  • spelled husk
  • cherry stones
  • goose feathers

Since these natural fillings are not suitable for beanbags and giant cushions, they will not be discussed further in this guide. Because spelled husks go moldy as soon as it gets wet, cherry pits are too heavy for larger pillows and goose feathers are unsuitable for larger pillows because they have very little filling power and stability.



EPS Styrofoam beads for beanbags are approx. 1-3 mm large Styrofoam beads - if possible not larger, otherwise they squeak slightly - which adapt to the body shape of the person sitting by rolling against each other. They nestle perfectly against the body and reflect your body heat. Styrofoam balls are the most frequently sold beanbag filling in Germany because nothing else was known for decades. They are preferably used for outdoor beanbags. But beware! With a lounge chair that is constantly in use, there will be considerable abrasion over time between the EPS beads rolling against each other, which will manifest itself in the form of Styrofoam dust. There is therefore a considerable loss of volume over time. This loss of volume has to be compensated for regularly by refilling - and the more frequently the lower quality the Styrofoam beads are. Nevertheless, Styrofoam balls score in terms of price.

Alternatively, this filling is also available as a flame-retardant variant. These beads then correspond to the low flammability standard DIN 4102/B1.


Polypropylene beads differ from EPS Styrofoam beads in two respects: shape and the greatest possible freedom from harmful substances. Although these beads are part of the pearl fillings, their shape is only ball-like. It is best imagined as a sliced ​​ball with a mini-cylinder in between, i.e. like a small tablet capsule.


Due to their tiny diameter of only approx. 0.5 mm, the polystyrene micro beads give you the feeling of lying on a sandy beach when you sink into them. The big advantage of micro beads over standard-sized Styrofoam balls is that they are very quiet. Squeaks and creaks are therefore a thing of the past.

These beads are also available as specially treated styrofoam micro beads that have been tested for harmful substances. This toxproof filling is laboriously air-washed after the foaming process. These micro balls have a diameter of approx. 0.6 mm and their particularly low level of pollutants has been proven by the TÜV. They are in no way inferior to the standard micro beads when it comes to beach feeling.



In our opinion, the most economical filling material for beanbags or giant pillows is the Qithan filling. It consists of foam flakes that are made from Oeko-Tex-certified foams and to which a small amount (maximum 33% of the volume) of Styrofoam flakes or Styrofoam beads is added.

Due to the excellent resilience of the foam flakes, it takes a long time before the filling slowly begins to lose its volume. Not only is the Qithan filling absolutely silent, but it also stays full-bodied much longer than pearl fillings. Because a squeezing together and then coming apart again is much less material-tiring than the constant abrasion of the Styrofoam beads.

The Qithan filling is also available as self-extinguishing or flame-retardant Qithan filling SE. For this purpose, special foam flakes are used, which consist of so-called CMHR foam, which has been tested and certified for its flame retardancy according to the British test method BS5852 is. CMHR stands for Combustion Modified High Resilient, loosely translated: modified to be largely resistant to combustion. The Styrofoam part is flame retardant according to DIN4102 B1.


The less weight a pillow has to carry, the better soft foam flakes can play to their strengths. The Qithan filling may be the most economical beanbag filling for children and adults, but pure foam flakes are the suitable baby and nursing pillow filling. Pure foam flakes made from Oeko-Tex certified foams mean tremendous softness and durability.


Sitjoy Mixx is a filling that is second to none in terms of quality. Foam flakes made from Öko-Tex-certified foams are mixed with high-quality polypropylene beads (up to 20% of the volume) in filling systems. Polypropylene is often used in the medical field due to its low level of pollutants. The Sitjoy Mixx is a very high-quality cushion filling.

This is of course reflected in the seating comfort. Because of the excellent resilience properties, this filling is pleasantly soft and you almost feel like you're sitting on cloud nine. The seating experience is not comparable to that of Styrofoam beads, as you sit relatively hard with beads despite their rolling. In contrast to a foam flake filling, rigid EPS beads simply do not spring.



The lighter the weight that a pillow is supposed to carry, the better the Oeko-Tex certified polyfibre balls made from siliconized hollow fibers can play to their strengths. Because this fully synthetic spherical fiber is wonderfully soft and creates lots of air pockets. It adapts very nicely to the weight and is extremely durable, washable at 30°C and dries easily.

While poly fiber balls are not recommended as beanbag filling - they are too soft for that - they are just right for pillows that are only intended to carry light weight, such as a head or a baby. Therefore, they are wonderful as a filling for nursing pillows, baby pillows, baby bean bags and neck pillows.


How to provide the unique softness of the poly fiber balls with greater recovery properties? Foam flakes are added to the poly fiber balls. Result: The frago mixture. A filling was created that is particularly ideal for baby pillows, nursing pillows and baby beanbags. The balanced mix is ​​achieved with the help of special machines.


An inner cover – also known as an inlet or inner bag – is a cover that holds the beanbag filling and allows you to easily remove the outer cover if the zipper on the outer cover is large enough. Why would you want to remove the outer shell? Two reasons:

1. If you just want to have the outer shell washed or cleaned, then you would have to pull the filling out of the outer shell without the inner shell - a time-consuming task.

2. Maybe after a few years you need a color change of scenery. Suddenly you might like red better than blue. Wouldn't it be money-saving and sustainable if you could just order a new outer shell? Or you have a desire or a specific reason why you want to switch from microfiber to nylon or from plush to imitation leather.


You know double-stitched seams – these two super-durable seams running parallel at a distance of mostly 6-8 mm – probably from the leather seats of expensive cars. On request, particularly stressed seams can also be made on beanbags and giant cushions with a double quilted seam on the outside and at the same time with a reinforcement band on the inside of the beanbag. This type of seam is extremely durable and also visually enhances your soft furniture.

Two is better than one. Before the double-stitching process begins, the cut pieces of the beanbag or giant cushion have already been sewn together on another industrial sewing machine. This can be seen from the butt line in the middle between the two seams of the double-stitched seam, because this is where two cut pieces of fabric meet and have already been sewn together. Only now can the double-stitched seam join these two pre-cut parts together to reinforce them

Why might double topstitching be a good idea?

Well, it is a fact, supported by long-standing customer feedback, that many customers - and this does not only apply to children and young people - repeatedly throw themselves into their beanbags out of sheer joie de vivre. If you are one of the young at heart and cannot rule out that you or your visitors will throw themselves into your beanbag full of joie de vivre, then you simply want the best seams you can get.


If the giant pillow is already made according to your wishes, you can say, for example: "Okay, dear manufacturer, make the top blue and the bottom red." Or you can have the bottom made of Cordura and the top made of premium microfiber fabric . A lot of combinations are possible without much additional effort.


That depends on your preferences, the purpose that the beanbag should serve and your living environment. But to give your own four walls a special flair, a beanbag is never out of place.

If you want a color explosion with eye-catching potential, a bright red, green, blue or yellow nylon beanbag is a good choice. Should the cushion be used more for lounging and lying down for cozy movie nights? Then a giant pillow made of suede-like microfiber material can hardly be surpassed in terms of softness and snuggling potential. Should the beanbag be used outdoors in summer and indoors in winter? A beanbag made of high-quality Cordura cuts a fine figure. Or maybe an extravagant beanbag should beautify the children's room? Well, then it should be a children's beanbag made of wonderfully soft plush with high-quality double-stitched seams. And a particularly elegant beanbag made of European luxury leather could also be in your living room. As you can see, the possibilities are truly endless.


If you're not paying attention for a moment and then you've got a sip of red wine on the beanbag or melted chocolate in the fine fabric. No panic! While it depends on the exact type of fabric your beanbag is made of, you still have a reasonable chance of removing most or all of the stains and dirt. It also helps that most beanbags and giant cushions are ordered with inner covers. So if the fabric allows it, you can easily remove the outer cover and wash it in the washing machine at 30°C.

We distinguish three types of fabric below, which should be cleaned in different ways:

  • microfiber fabrics
  • faux leather and leather
  • nylon fabrics


The suede-like look and incomparable softness of microfiber fabric makes it so skin-friendly. So annoying when accidentally stains get on this fabric. In order to clean up microfiber soiling, we have created the following table, which recommends different treatment methods for different types of soiling, such as coffee, fruit juice, chocolate and red wine:


Leather fabrics, i.e. imitation leather and real leather, should only be wiped off with a damp cloth. Under no circumstances should leather fabrics be washed in the washing machine, as this can destroy the imitation leather and - in the case of flame-retardant imitation leather - the equipment.


Nylon, Premium Nylon and Cordura should only be wiped with a damp cloth for cleaning purposes. Under no circumstances should they be washed in the washing machine, as this will destroy the finish and coating. And this already with the first wash in the washing machine.



There are three main factors that affect the weight of a beanbag or giant pillow: size, filling and outer shell. A nylon child's bean bag with a volume of 300 liters filled with EPS polystyrene beads weighs around 7 kg. A microfiber beanbag for adults with a capacity of 600 liters filled with Qithan foam flakes weighs around 12 kg.

To give you an overview of rough beanbag weights, we have created the following table:


A loss of volume in the beanbag is difficult to avoid with regular use. So the short answer is yes, over time it needs topping up. However, the choice of filling has a significant influence on how often you have to refill and how much. Volume loss and abrasion are much lower with foam flake fillings than with Styrofoam bead fillings. As a rule of thumb: if you have to refill an EPS bead filling once a year, this can only be necessary every three years with a foam filling.


As long as it is warm and dry, there is nothing wrong with using an indoor beanbag made of microfiber, plush or imitation leather in the garden, on the balcony or on the terrace.

However, if the beanbag is to be left overnight or in the damp, we recommend outdoor beanbags with weather-resistant nylon fabrics instead. This is because they are much better at preventing water from penetrating.


Different stains on different types of fabric require different treatment.

Microfiber fabrics: These can often be cleaned in the washing machine at 30°C with a mild detergent. But sometimes this is not necessary and you just have to know which remedy works against which type of stain. Please see our detailed table.

Imitation leather: Do not put in the washing machine! It is best to wipe carefully with a damp cloth.

Leather: Do not put in the washing machine! Put lukewarm distilled water with dissolved natural or neutral soap on a sponge or cloth and wipe the leather over a large area and carefully. Then rub off with clear water. Then carefully rub dry with a dry woolen cloth.

Nylon fabrics: Do not put in the washing machine! This will damage the PU coating on the inside. It is best to wipe gently with a damp cloth and mild detergent.


That depends on the type and amount of filling you need. Please take a look at our Fillings category . This gives you a good overview of the prices.


As long as you buy your beanbag from a manufacturer who uses high-quality industrial sewing thread for production, this is basically possible. The ultimate protection against seams bursting open is the optional double -stitched seam with internal reinforcement tape. However, there are only a few manufacturers who can produce these high-quality seams.

We ship to Lahore Karachi Islamabad Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan, Gujranwala, Gujrat, Sialkot, Sahiwal, Bahawalpur. and all other cities of Pakistan.


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