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by Urban Decoria 05 Feb 2024 0 Comments

Summer has its good sides, but if you go to bed early during the week, it's often still too light to fall asleep. Since your windows don't have blinds or blinds, you installed blackout curtains a few weeks ago , which you can now easily close. The room becomes completely dark because the long curtains reach to the floor and over the window pane. This means that no more light from outside comes into your bedroom. You can find out what other advantages the curtains have and practical tips for installation in this guide:

Functional blackout curtains as everyday helpers

A beautiful curtain that prevents unwanted views when needed, keeps out light, dampens noise and also regulates the temperature in the room? Special blackout curtains meet these criteria and make your rooms cozy and homely at the same time. Whether for an afternoon nap or just when the light on the television is dazzling - these curtains can make your everyday life easier and more beautiful.

In contrast to roller blinds or blinds, the curtain fabric not only offers the desired light protection, but also noise protection and security from unwanted glances. At the same time, you can regulate the climate in your room with a blackout curtain, as the fabrics are both heat and cold repellent . In this way, the special curtains in your four walls help you save valuable energy.

For a beautiful home: This is what blackout curtains can do

From opaque to noise-insulating – multifunctional blackout curtains are available in many different versions. It should be noted that even light-colored materials are already opaque due to their nature. Below you will find an overview of the advantages of decorative fabric panels.

Heat and cold resistant

Sun is nice, but as soon as it shines into the room, the room gradually begins to heat up. With the help of a blackout curtain with a thermal coating , the temperature in the room can be pleasantly regulated. This way you can not only keep the sunlight out, but also the heat. It works the other way around in winter: despite low outside temperatures, it stays warm inside.

Noise isolating

Do you live right on a street? Blackout curtains also provide noise protection thanks to their special material that blocks noise. So you can always look forward to a quiet home where you can switch off from the stressful everyday life.

Flexible attachment

Depending on the type of hanging, you can vary the decorative appearance of your curtain: Loop curtains create an airy look because they usually still allow a view of the curtain rod . A blackout curtain with metal eyelets, on the other hand, covers the suspension and is easier to open and close. A model with a ruffle tape automatically folds your curtain into many small folds.

These curtain designs bathe your rooms in beautiful light

Plain-colored models, floral patterns or unusual motifs: blackout curtains can beautify the interior in a variety of ways and underline your personal living style. Here you will find three style examples with suitable combination ideas.

Modern furnishings: high in contrast and straight lines

Straight lines and cool contrasts make a modern home. Choose a blackout curtain with geometric patterns that are also reflected in your accessories. For example, contrasting curtains in dark purple go well with a bright living room with high-gloss white furniture This way you can underline the simple furnishings with a bit of color that goes well with the modern style.

Classic living style: subtle and reserved

The classic living style thrives on a reduced, subtle color palette in combination with timelessly beautiful furniture. A beige blackout curtain with loops blends well with the existing surroundings. This way you can darken your bedroom despite the light curtain color and highlight the minimalist furnishings. A set of two that you hang on the left and right of the window captures the typical symmetry of the classic living style.

Vintage look: playful and decorative

Beautifully draped curtains in delicate colors such as white or pink – designs with floral patterns go particularly well with the vintage living style. Decorate your little one's bedroom for a restful afternoon nap. In combination with a children's bed made of light wood or white, the delicate curtain looks particularly harmonious.

Tips for measuring, cleaning and fastening

Blackout curtains only look really good when they are installed straight and correctly. You should also clean them regularly to maintain the fresh and clean look. You can find practical tips here.

  • Measuring:Use a ruler to measure the width and height of your windows. Make sure that the item information usually refers to fabric dimensions and not window dimensions. So add half the width again so that you can drape the curtain nicely on the window. If your windows don't have standard dimensions, you should choose a curtain where you can specify the size you need.
  • Attaching:Depending on whether it is a curtain with loops, eyelets or ruffle tape, the variants are attached differently. Models with loops and eyelets are simply threaded onto a curtain rod. Curtains with ruffle tape also need curtain hooks so that you can hang them on the corresponding curtain rail or rod. Before purchasing, make sure that the mounting accessories are included in the scope of delivery.
  • Cleaning:Blackout curtains are particularly easy to care for. Most models can be washed at 30 °C on a gentle cycle. To ensure that they retain their beautiful colors for a long time, you should put the curtains in the washing machine about every six months when you do spring or autumn cleaning . Also pay attention to the respective manufacturer’s information.

Conclusion: Blackout curtains create a pleasant feeling of living

In many situations, a few hours of sleep can work wonders. A good alternative to blinds are blackout curtains, which not only block out light but also noise. This way you can relax and recharge your batteries in peace and quiet - and not just when it's dark outside. You can find important information about the curtains summarized here:

  • Blackout curtains with a thermal coatingnot only keep light and noise out, they also ensure a pleasant climate in your rooms.
  • A contrasting curtainor a curtain with a geometric pattern goes particularly well with the modern look. Lovers of classic style prefer light beige curtains with a discreet design. You can underline the vintage living style with curtains in a floral design.
  • When it comes to fastening, you can choose between eyelets, loops and curling tape. Eyelet and loop curtains are hung on a curtain rod, blackout curtains with ruffle tape are attached to a curtain rail using curtain hooks.
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