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by Urban Decoria 22 Jan 2024 0 Comments

After you get ready in the morning, you quickly go to the bedroom and make your bed. As you shake it out, you decide to put the other side of the duvet cover up today because you're a little bored with the plain-colored design on the back. Thanks to the reversible duvet cover , a floral pattern now decorates your bed, which also suits the upcoming spring much better. You can find out what materials the versatile sheets can be made of and other useful information here in this guide:

The variety makes reversible duvet cover special

Reversible duvet cover has two different colored or patterned sides. So you don't have to commit to a design, but you can decide what look you want to give your bedroom today - you simply turn the pillow and duvet over. The harmonious interaction of the front and back ensures variety and a new look in seconds. True to the motto “small effort – big impact”. 

Modern living style in a clean design

Clear lines, cool materials and color contrasts: This is what makes the modern living style so special. A reversible duvet cover with a striped pattern and a plain-colored side underlines the clean look even in your bedroom and, together with a shiny white chest of drawers, ensures a calm ambience and a restful sleep.

Country house living style with floral patterns

The country house style is characterized by natural materials, rustic designs and warm colors. A red and white checkered cover fits particularly well in a bedroom with a wardrobe made of dark solid wood to emphasize the rural character. On the other hand, it can be a floral motif.

Scandi style with subtle color contrasts

Simple colors and minimalist furnishings – that’s what makes Scandinavian style so special. Since a relaxing spatial effect is important in the bedroom, you should use calm color contrasts. Plain-colored reversible duvet cover in light and dark gray goes well with a white bed .

Tip: Things can be colorful in the children's room ! Playful motifs of favorite stars, from comic characters to film heroes, work particularly well here. Your child will be twice as happy because the reversible duvet cover conjures up several motifs at once. 

From linen to flax: suitable materials for summer and winter

Reversible duvet cover is available in many different materials, each of which has properties that suit summer or winter better. You can read here which variants keep you cool in summer and which ones keep you warm in winter.

Summer: for cooling effects

Is it so hot outside that you have trouble falling asleep? Reversible satin duvet cover not only looks elegant, but also feels pleasantly smooth and cool on the skin . A linen duvet cover is not only particularly light, but also absorbent, preventing unpleasant sweating while you sleep.

Winter: for pleasant warmth

Especially in the cold season, it should at least be warm inside. Beaver duvet cover , which is made of 100% cotton and has a particularly fluffy surface, ensures a soft feel on the skin and keeps you particularly warm. Bedding made from Renforcé is also suitable and is considered particularly durable.

Summer and winter: can be used all year round

You can use so-called all-season duvet cover all year round because it can regulate the sleeping climate in summer and winter. Silk is particularly suitable for this because it has a climate-regulating effect: it cools when it is hot and provides warmth when it is cold. It is also suitable for allergy sufferers. In addition to silk duvet cover, jersey or Mako satin are also suitable for all year round. 

Wash correctly: four care tips for your duvet cover

You should clean duvet cover regularly, as skin flakes and sweat can quickly get stuck in it. The care symbols on the product label tell you how to wash the different materials. We'll show you more tips here.

  1. You should change reversible duvet cover once or twice a month. If you sweat a lot, you should wash them every two weeks.
  2. Close all buttons and zippersbefore washing and turn the sheets inside out to preserve the colors.
  3. For colored sheets, use a colored detergent. Otherwise you can use a mild detergent.
  4. You can put duvet cover in the dryeror let it dry on a drying rack

Conclusion: Reversible duvet cover provides variety on your bed

Thanks to practical reversible duvet cover, you can give your bedroom a whole new look in just a few simple steps. Whether plain or patterned – you can create variety with the different designs. The important information is summarized here:

  • Which design do you prefer? Plain duvet cover in bright colors attracts attention - and does so twice. Colorful motifs are popular with children and patterned versions look very playful.
  • Emphasize your living style with reversible duvet cover! You can emphasize the modern living style with a reversible cover with a clean striped pattern. Red and white checks add charm to the country house style. Reversible duvet cover in different shades of gray goes well with the cozy Scandi style.
  • Which material should it be? In summer, satin bedding can keep your skin feeling cool, while linen can absorb sweat at the same time. For the cold season, there are reversible duvet cover made from soft flax and durable Renforcé. Jersey, mako satin or silk, on the other hand, are suitable for all year round.
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