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by Urban Decoria 10 Sep 2023 0 Comments

If you buy a new kitchen, you ideally have a clear idea of ​​the kitchen design you want.

Wide range of styles and designs 

Kitchens come in a wide variety of styles and designs. In addition, there are so many  kitchen manufacturers that the choice can be difficult. We will give you help on how to get closer to your  dream kitchen step by step  before you  buy the kitchen  .

A good starting point for finding the right kitchen design is to ask yourself how you use your kitchen and what atmosphere you want to create in the kitchen. Then you should make a list of what other priorities you have in terms of functionality and appearance. For example, should the kitchen be particularly easy to clean, designed to be child-safe, or is the kitchen more of a decorative element for you that you want to impress your guests with?

What kitchen designs are there?

Grob distinguishes between the following kitchen styles:

  • Classic kitchens
  • Modern kitchens
  • Designer kitchens
  • Country kitchens
  • Vintage kitchens / shabby chic

Every single kitchen style has countless variations. It is also entirely possible to combine elements of different kitchen designs. However, if you take note of the basic features, you will surely quickly realize which style suits you and your needs best.

The classic kitchen design

The classic kitchen is just the thing for everyone who values ​​timeless design and, above all, is looking for a highly functional kitchen that can be easily redesigned. Since the classic fitted kitchen itself is relatively neutral, the appearance can also be changed later. This makes it possible to adapt the kitchen if you want to change the furnishing style or move. You can quickly bring a breath of fresh air into your kitchen with a new wall color, new kitchen furniture, a new kitchen lamp or decoration ideas.

Features of classic kitchen design

The classic kitchen design is characterized by  clear lines and rather reserved, harmonizing colors . Typical colors for classic kitchens are white, beige or gray in various shades. Rich decorations like in country house style or strong contrasts like in modern kitchens are rarely found here. 

Although classic kitchen design is not based on the latest kitchen trends, it does incorporate long-term trends into kitchen design. For example, long high-gloss kitchens in white have dominated the range of kitchen manufacturers, but today kitchen designs with a matt look are increasingly being found in the ranges .

Advantages of classic kitchen design

If you don't place much value on unusual design, you can actually do everything right with a classic kitchen, and there are hardly any disadvantages. The advantages of classic kitchen design are:

  • Suitable for everyday use
  • Timeless
  • Easy to redesign or supplement with new elements and furniture
  • Large selection of classic style kitchens and kitchen manufacturers
  • Prices that suit every budget

Prices of a classic kitchen

The classic kitchen design is the standard among kitchen styles. From the simple to the more sophisticated kitchen furnishings, there is a wide range of prices. The classic kitchen meets many requirements not only in terms of its timeless design, but also in terms of price and budget.

Modern kitchens

Modern kitchens are usually found in more unconventional or design-oriented households. They set themselves apart from the classic style through innovative design solutions and a reduced design language. Even though modern kitchens usually have a cooler atmosphere than country house kitchens, they can also be ideal as a kitchen-living room or as a  family kitchen .

Features of modern cuisine

The boundary between modern kitchens and designer kitchens is sometimes unclear; both are characterized by clear shapes , innovative details and the adoption of the latest kitchen trends . Minimalism is currently setting the tone in modern kitchens: everything is reduced to the bare essentials, kitchen utensils disappear into drawers and cupboards.

Trend colors in kitchen design, such as the current black kitchen , are also often used in modern kitchen designs. Modern kitchens are also often characterized by unusual material combinations or strong color contrasts: For example, a worktop made of natural stone is  combined with colored plastic fronts. Or shiny stainless steel meets rough wooden surfaces.

Another popular form is the modern kitchen with a cooking island. These offer many practical advantages and are particularly recommended if an open kitchen adjoins the living room or dining area.

Advantages of modern kitchens

The purchase is primarily a matter of taste. Modern kitchens also have concrete advantages:

  • Modern kitchens appear tidier due to their minimalist design.
  • Innovative kitchen solutions and trends may later become standard.
  • Sophisticated kitchen designs are inexpensive compared to designer kitchens.

Cost of modern kitchens

Kitchens with a modern design are often noticeably more expensive than comparable kitchens with a classic design. The reason is that more unusual materials are often used here. In addition, buyers' demands for design are often significantly higher, which is reflected in a corresponding surcharge. However, this does not mean that modern kitchens can only be found in the upper price segment. Sophisticated modern kitchens are available at prices starting at 5,000 euros.

Our savings tip: Ask for a model kitchen or exhibition kitchen. These are often sold at a discount of around 50 percent. 

Designer kitchens

Designer kitchens are not something for every household. They are something like haute couture in kitchen design and often set new kitchen trends. Apart from that, due to their usually high price  , they can usually only be found where exceptional value  is placed  on an outstanding design and extremely high-quality materials .

Features of designer kitchens

A designer kitchen has many elements in common with modern kitchen design: clear shapes and the latest kitchen trends and innovations can be found in both versions. However, designer kitchens usually only use high-quality materials. In addition, special attention is paid to the high functionality of all elements, which are implemented in a technically sophisticated manner.

The aesthetics are mostly minimalistic and at the same time unusual in an unobtrusive way. The kitchen design here is often more reminiscent of living room furniture than kitchen furniture. The unconventional play with shapes, colors and materials is perfectly implemented here, for example when using an extremely thick or thin kitchen worktop .

A designer kitchen usually exudes a rather cool, elegant atmosphere , to which materials such as stainless steel, glass, granite,  natural stone  or concrete also contribute.

Advantages of designer kitchens

A buyer can expect a lot from a designer kitchen:

  • Sophisticated, extraordinary and elegant design.
  • Personalized solutions and implementation of individual wishes.
  • Custom-made according to previous measurements.
  • High durability due to the high-quality materials.
  • Well thought out, highly functional and technically complex workmanship.
  • Every imaginable kitchen shape is made possible.
  • The kitchen specialist retailers provide comprehensive kitchen advice if required.

Prices of a designer kitchen

Exclusive designer kitchens are therefore in the upper price segment. There are almost no upward limits here. So if you have to manage on a lower budget, a modern kitchen is the affordable alternative.

The country house kitchen

The country house style kitchen is one of the most popular kitchen designs. It radiates coziness and goes well with a traditional interior design style . There are different styles based on local traditions and styles. The most popular are English, Scandinavian and Nordic country house cuisine, as well as Mediterranean and American country house style kitchens.

Characteristics of the country house kitchen

Instead of clear lines, there are many playful elements  such as decorations, wood turning and carvings. The profiled door panels and playful handles made of brass, ceramic or wood are also classic in this style.

Traditionally it is  a solid wood kitchen.  There are also cheaper variants with fronts made of foil-coated or coated MDF panels ( medium-density fibreboard ). With a wooden kitchen that leaves the natural tone of the wood instead of painting the kitchen fronts in color, the country house kitchen becomes a very rustic kitchen , especially if dark types of wood are used.

There are many special design elements in the locally influenced variants:

  • England
    Also known as “cottage style” kitchen. Features: bright colors, lots of storage space, “pot racks”.
  • Scandinavia
    Clear shapes and fewer decorations, classic shades of blue or white.
  • France & Italy
    Warm colors, clear lacquered wood, terracotta tiles.
  • America
    Multicolored kitchen elements and bold colors, kitchen island.

Advantages of country house style

  • Solid wood kitchens are very durable and the fronts can be redesigned.
  • The style creates a warm atmosphere.
  • Large selection of models and kitchen manufacturers.
  • Modern variants have all the advantages of technical equipment.

Country house kitchen prices

The situation here is similar to modern kitchens: from simpler models to extremely elaborate and individually made ones, they are available in every price segment. If you value quality and environmental sustainability and have the necessary budget, we recommend an all-wood kitchen.

Vintage kitchens: shabby chic design

Vintage kitchens are often classified as country house style, which is sometimes appropriate. However, especially when it comes to vintage kitchens in the 1950s style, the characteristics of the kitchen design differ significantly.

Features of vintage kitchens

Real wood fronts are also often used in vintage kitchens , which have an antique look thanks to special paint applications . Classic characteristics of Shabby Chic are also real or imitated signs of wear such as peeling paint and worn surfaces and handles .

Materials such as ceramics, enamel and brass are also often used in vintage kitchens. The color palette is characterized by white and light pastel tones .

Electrical appliances with a retro design are also classic in vintage kitchens , although they are a little more expensive than the classic models.

Plan your dream kitchen now

The style significantly influences the atmosphere of the entire kitchen space and should harmonize with the rest of the furnishing style. Use our practical online tool to plan your new kitchen and then receive suitable offers from a kitchen studio or kitchen planner in your area. They will help you realize your kitchen dream. 

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