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by Urban Decoria 28 Aug 2022 0 Comments

Sofa Covers 

A sofa cover is a practical protective layer that acts as a slip cover over your sofa. The cover protects your furniture from wear and tear, water splashes, and dirt and keeps the couch, corner sofa, and armchair looking fresh and like new. The couch cover also protects the upholstery from the sun, which can fade it over time. However, the sofa cover does not only have a practical function. Rather, slipcovers and sofa covers enhance the decoration of your living room and give the ambiance the finishing touch and a personal touch. 

Sofa covers are made from almost any fabric out there. Cotton and synthetic materials like polyester and stretch are the most common types of fabric used in making sofa covers as they are very durable and easy to clean. In addition, the following materials are also common: 

  • velvet
  • suede
  • linen
  • Wool
  • jacquard 

5 advantages of a microfiber fabric sofa cover 

When buying your new sofa or bed, the decision of what fabric it is made of is probably one of the most important criteria. You should not make any compromises here so that you can enjoy your new piece of furniture for a long time. Sofa sets, box spring beds, and upholstered beds made from microfiber fabrics are becoming more and more popular. Nowadays they are indispensable in the upholstered furniture sector. They offer a multitude of advantages, which we would like to present to you. So that you make the right decision when buying your new couch or bed, we will give you 5 advantages of a microfiber fabric cover. 

Soft and cozy surface 

You want to spend a lot of time with your family and friends on your new sofa. A cozy evening in good company or an exciting TV evening with the family. Which characteristics should your couch have here? Above all, it has to be soft and comfortable. Microfiber upholstery fabrics offer you exactly this quality. 

Due to its numerous and particularly fine fibers, the microfiber is exceptionally supple and pleasantly fluffy. A special type of microfiber is often used in the manufacture of sofa cover fabrics. The surface is roughened during the manufacturing process, resulting in a very soft and smooth surface. They are made from various raw materials such as polyester, nylon, polyacrylic, polyamide, and cellulose. A single microfiber is many times thinner than other natural fibers or silk. Even human hair is much thicker than this very fine fiber. 

Microfiber fabrics are much softer than other types of fabrics such as woven fabrics or cotton. They are therefore extremely suitable for particularly comfortable sofas and living areas. 

Nice design and great colors 

There are no limits to your individual wishes when it comes to the production of microfibers in terms of colors and shapes.
The coloring of microfiber fabric is very simple in the manufacturing process and the fabrics are therefore available in a large variety of colors. This gives you the opportunity to choose a color that perfectly matches your home furnishings and suits your personal taste. 

The microfiber fabric can also trump many different surface structures. Due to a glossy finish, a specific form of microfiber becomes visually and haptically similar to satin. It is pleasantly silky smooth and has a beautiful shimmer depending on the incidence of light. 

Another variant is, for example, the embossed microfiber fabrics, which are reminiscent of pleasantly soft suede. This group includes Alcantara, which is very similar to genuine suede but is made of polyester and polyurethane. 

A very easy and quick cleaning 

The microfiber, which is used for sofa cover fabrics, is particularly easy to care for and dirt-repellent. Cleaning is easy and possible without much effort. 

Thanks to its water-repellent property, liquids hardly settle on the surface, but remain in the spaces between the individual fibers and can be quickly removed from there. Microfiber generally has a high absorbency and can quickly absorb large amounts of moisture and release it just as quickly and easily. Some of our box spring beds even have microfiber cover fabrics with an additional easy-clean property. 

No aggressive or chemical cleaners are required to clean the fabrics. Simple household remedies such as water, baking powder, or even glass cleaner are often sufficient here. With these simple means, stains can be easily removed immediately after they appear. If you also follow our care tips for cleaning sofa fabrics, your new couch will look beautiful and well cared for a long time 

Long service life thanks to a robust surface 

Whether a sofa cover still looks good after years of use depends on many factors, such as the quality of the raw materials. However, its resistance to abrasion is also very important. The microfiber is known for its dimensionally stable and at the same time robust properties. A sofa fabric has to withstand many events in the course of its life and should not break down so easily. 

The abrasion resistance of a fabric is referred to as abrasion cycles. A microfiber cover has very high abrasion resistance and therefore shows little wear. In summary, the decisive advantages of these upholstery fabrics are their dimensional stability, tear-resistance, and, above.

Particularly suitable for allergy sufferers, children, and pets

The microfiber attracts little to no dust. It hardly tends to form fluff and is, therefore, no basis for dust accumulation on your new sofa. Thus, this fabric is extremely well suited for allergy sufferers and is a very good alternative to cotton fabrics.

Due to its many fibers, the microfiber fabric is a very strong and durable fabric and can therefore withstand any load. Playing with children who sometimes leave biscuit crumbs or liquids on the new sofa is no problem with a microfiber fabric. Simply vacuum the sofa with the vacuum cleaner and the marks are quickly removed.

Spilled juices or other liquids can also be quickly and easily wiped away with a damp cloth. However, you should make sure that the liquids do not stay on the sofa for long. Due to its dirt-repellent property, liquids do not penetrate into the deep fabric but lie in the fine spaces between the fibers. There they can evaporate quickly and this ensures a quick drying process.

Your pets such as dogs or cats can hardly harm a microfiber fabric. Its dirt-repellent property and smooth surface ensure that animal hair hardly sticks to it. Microfibers are very robust and virtually scratch-resistant compared to other woven fabrics. Your pet's claws can hardly get caught in the narrow fibers. Microfiber fabrics are therefore a good basis for beautiful and, above all, durable furniture.

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