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by Urban Decoria 04 Nov 2022 0 Comments

Home Décor items online shopping in Pakistan buying guide.

After moving into your new apartment, all the furniture is now in place, but the window sills and walls are still very bare. In order to create an individual living flair and to make you feel at home, you need the right home decoration . With accessories such as pictures, candles, clocks, cushions and vases you fill the rooms with life. This guide tells you which home accessories suit your furnishing style and how you can decorate your apartment for certain occasions:

Why is home decoration so important for a good living environment?

The exhibits are even decorated in furniture stores. Why? Because furniture only comes to life with the right decoration. This is even more true for your own home. With decoration and home accessories you express your personality and give your home an individual touch. With the large selection of decorations, you can experiment wonderfully and even small changes can give a room a completely new atmosphere.

If you skillfully use different decorative objects, you can make a big impact with small things. Whether with wall decorations, lighting, home textiles , pictures, photos or small pieces of furniture, an original decoration visually enhances your living space and gives it the finishing touch.

Decorative elements are by no means dust collectors. Many decorative pieces often serve a practical purpose as well. The selection is large and ranges from pretty storage options such as chic boxes or chests to picture frames and chandeliers to large artificial plants and room dividers. Depending on the style of your apartment, there are of course also suitable little things that make your home even more comfortable. 

Antique to modern: Which decoration suits your style of living?

If you only think of fairy lights and garlands when you think of decorative items, you are wrong. Rather, decoration is the icing on the cake that makes your home really lovable. But which decoration suits you and your style of living? Here you will get to know three living and decoration styles.

Nostalgic charm: Home decoration in shabby chic and vintage look

Home accessories with a vintage or shabby look deliberately look used and that is what makes them interesting and unique. Whether these are actually old pieces or whether they are just trimmed to look old is basically irrelevant.

Delicate pastel tones as well as natural color nuances and materials are characteristic of this style of living and decoration. Cozy shabby-chic furnishings are underlined by matching cushions, curtains, mirrors, ceramic items, an old cuckoo or kitchen clock, lovely accessories with a knitted or crocheted look , and even vintage lamps and small pieces of furniture that look old and used .

Pure nature: Home decoration tips for the rustic country house style

A classic when it comes to furnishings is the country house style. It is based on colors and materials from nature and thus creates a cozy ambience. Corresponding home accessories are, for example, lightly patterned home textiles made of cotton or linen, which are mainly kept in natural colors. Handmade vases and bowls, wrought-iron lanterns or carved wood decoration round off the country house style, as well as accessories made of wicker and rattan or romantic floral decorations and small pieces of furniture can be integrated into the country house style.

Clear thing: modern decoration with a puristic touch

If you prefer it modern, your interior probably consists mainly of functional furniture with a clear design. It should be straightforward and puristic for you, without dust collectors and knick-knacks. Accordingly, you should also hold back when decorating and concentrate on elements with clear shapes and a simple design. Choose home accessories made of glass, steel or high-gloss plastics to create an airy ambience in your living space.

Decoration with a concise shape such as cubic vases, modern sculptures or stylish lamps with an industrial look is also suitable for you. You can use contrasts in color to loosen up the tough-looking modern style a little. Flashy decorative cushions on the black sofa or colorful storage boxes on the steel shelf are beautiful eye-catchers. 

A well-rounded whole: you should pay attention to this when decorating

Decorating is fun and a creative process. Nevertheless, there are some basic rules that you should pay attention to when designing in order to achieve the desired effect and not to overload your rooms. Here are a few decorating tips for you.

  • Create a uniform color world: In order to give a room a harmonious basic mood, you should choose your home accessories to match the color world of the room. If possible, only two shades should dominate here, which can be found in furniture and decoration.
  • Group formation: Decoration can be arranged well in small groups. Odd quantities appear particularly harmonious.
  • Create free space: IN order not to overload the room and to let the individual decorative elements have an appropriate effect, you should make sure that there is sufficient free space. Otherwise the eye wanders between the accessories and cannot perceive them properly.
  • Like to like: It is not necessary to arrange three picture frames next to each other. Feel free to combine different objects. It is important that there is a commonality in color, shape, function or texture.
  • In the limelight: Do you have a favorite picture from your last holiday, a sculpture that gives you goosebumps, or an accessory that brings back fond memories? Then show that this piece is something special for you and highlight it accordingly - whether prominently on the shelf, alone on the floor or with a spotlight that just shines for your favorite piece. 

Home Decoration for the whole year: Which accessories for which occasion?

In addition to the decorative items that underline your style of living and make your home comfortable all year round, there are of course also seasonal and occasion-related decorations that change over the course of the year. These are home accessories that relate to the season or decorate the room on certain occasions. Here are a few decorating ideas.

Warm feelings in the cold season

In the cool season you long for everything that gives you a feeling of warmth and coziness. Candles, cuddly plaids, knitted poufs and cushions in muted colors, lanterns and lanterns as well as finds from nature and atmospheric fairy lights in subtle colors ensure a cozy feeling of well-being.

Fresh colors for spring and summer

When the days start getting longer again, you want to quickly leave the gray dreariness of winter behind you. Now you can welcome spring with fresh colors and new ideas. Colorful glasses and carafes , cheerful murals, colorful lanterns and tablecloths, small pieces of furniture made from flotsam and accessories made from wickerwork all contribute to the summery high spirits.

Festive decoration for a great party atmosphere

There are also special decorative objects for special occasions such as   birthdays, New Year's Eve parties, weddings, which will put you and your guests in the right party mood and make these special days even more beautiful. You can choose from a wide range of occasion-related home accessories for all of these festivities. 

Made with love: Decoration can be so individual

Press colorful autumn leaves and put them in shabby-chic picture frames, collect driftwood and transform it into unique decorative objects or give old furniture a new purpose by upcycling. With a little patience and creativity, you can make charming unique decorative items yourself in this way, that give your living space a very individual touch. There are interesting ideas and instructions for this on the Internet and in numerous magazines that can be implemented with more or less effort.

Tip: With self-adhesive wall tattoos you can give your furniture and walls a new coat of paint in no time and wrap gifts with pretty stationery . 

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Conclusion: Design beautiful living spaces with home decoration

The way you decorate your living space says a lot about you and your taste and determines the ambiance of a room. If you follow a few basic rules, you can let your creativity run free and make a big impact with small changes. A look at this checklist shows you what you should pay attention to:

  • Does the decoration match your furnishing style? While the nostalgic vintage style tends to be playful, the decoration in a modern apartment should be a little more reserved.
  • What color should it be? It looks particularly rounded if you opt for a consistent color concept and choose decoration that matches the existing curtains or cushions.
  • How do you make your decorations stand out? Chests of drawers, sidebars and tables offer a practical display area for beautiful decorative objects. In the evening you put your accessories in the right light with a furniture lamp, candles or fairy lights.
  • Less is more. Instead of filling your apartment with decorations, you should set specific accents. To do this, you only choose a few large decorative pieces, combine several small ones in the same shape and color and sometimes leave something idle in between.
  • Decorating trends vary with the season. Fresh colors that spread a good mood are in demand in spring and summer. Fluffy fabrics and warm colors create a cozy atmosphere in autumn and winter.
  • Do you like it customized? You are right on trend with home-made decorations. For example, you can paint your furniture a new color, give the wall a new coat of paint with great stickers or frame your own works of art nicely.
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