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by Urban Decoria 02 Nov 2022 0 Comments
box spring mattress

Box spring mattress online shopping in Pakistan buying guide

You have already spent many good nights in your bed and you really don't want to part with it. But because you've been plagued by morning back pain lately, you're looking for an alternative. A good friend recently gave you the opportunity to try out a box spring mattress. These high mattresses elevate your bed while supporting you at night. So you decide now for such a mattress. After just a few nights you will notice the difference: you feel fitter and get out of bed more easily in the morning. You can find out more about the advantages of box spring mattresses and how to find the right mattress for you in this guide.

Box spring mattresses: sleep like in a box spring bed

You can see the difference between box spring mattresses and conventional mattresses with the naked eye: box spring mattresses are significantly thicker. Such a mattress can measure up to 30 cm. It ensures that the entry into your bed is higher. The raised mattress makes it easier for older people or those with physical disabilities to stand up.

Nights on a box spring mattress are particularly relaxing because the mattress has a high level of support and relieves your spine at night. This will help you find a comfortable sleeping position. The mattress adapts to your body and lets your shoulders sink in nicely if you sleep on your side. But the robust mattresses with ergonomic body adaptation are also well suited for stomach and back sleepers if you choose the right innerspring.

In contrast to box spring beds , box spring mattresses have the advantage that you can also equip your usual bed with this mattress . So you can enjoy the advantages of a box spring bed without being tied to a bed model. Handy if you want to redecorate your bedroom but keep your old bed.

Mattress cores: You can choose from these variants

Just like other mattresses, box spring mattresses have different cores that offer you different advantages. You can find out which mattress core you can sleep well on in this small overview:

You can sink into a pocket spring mattress

A box spring mattress often has a pocket spring core. In this variant, the springs are individually incorporated into small pockets. The mattress is particularly firm and at the same time it can cushion loads at certain points. This means that it gives exactly where you lie and that you can sink into it comfortably. Because the rest of the mattress remains firm, it supports you at the same time. Pocket spring mattresses are therefore very suitable for side sleepers.

Barrel pocket spring core with more resistance

A barrel pocket spring mattress has springs that are wider in the middle than at the top and bottom. As a result, they have an even better resistance and give you an even more comfortable lying feeling. If you often have back problems, then these mattresses will support you well.

With Bonell spring core you lie particularly soft

In models with a Bonell spring core, the individual springs are connected to one another by wires. This distributes the pressure over a larger area, so Bonell springs react with area elasticity - they vibrate when you move. Bonell spring mattresses are a good choice if you frequently change your sleeping position.

Breathable comfort foam core

Comfort foam has an open-pored structure and is therefore breathable. If you sweat in bed, a breathable mattress ensures that moisture is transported away from the body and you have a dry, comfortable sleep . A breathable mattress also prevents mold.

A comfort foam core is point-elastic and provides good pressure relief thanks to the supple foam. If you have orthopedic problems, a comfort foam core mattress is usually a good choice.

You form viscose foam with your body heat

Viscose foam is a soft, thermoelastic foam. When heated by your body, it is malleable and you can sink into the mattress. Where your body doesn't touch the mattress, it stays firm. Shaped by your body, you lie comfortably and well supported at the same time.

Because there are no pressure points due to the adaptation to the body, a box spring mattress with viscose foam is a good choice for people who lie down a lot. If you sleep on your side or have back problems, this mattress is also well suited. Because high mattresses made of viscose foam are usually very soft, you will often find this material combined with other cores in box spring mattresses.

This is how you are particularly good: your purchase criteria

In order to find the right box spring mattress, you should consider a few purchase criteria. This way you can be sure that your new mattress can do what you expect it to do. We have compiled important purchase criteria for you.

The right size of your mattress

Box spring mattresses are available in different standard sizes. If you want to equip your bed with a new mattress, you should use the size of the bed frame as a guide. If you are also planning to buy a new bed, you can use the following measurements as a guide:

  • If you sleep alone,a mattress about 90 cm wide is usually sufficient. At 100 to 120 cm you still have a little more room to turn.
  • Mattresses from 140 cm are suitable for couples . If you both get too warm quickly, keep your distance and choose a mattress that is 160 cm wide or larger.
  • For small families,where perhaps a child sleeps in the parents' bed or comes to cuddle in the morning, a mattress from 180 cm wide is well suited.

The right degree of hardness

The degree of firmness indicates how much a mattress gives way under the weight of a person. Smaller and lighter people are well advised to choose a rather soft degree of hardness - this allows the mattress to adapt to the body. Heavier and taller people will be supported by a mattress with a higher degree of firmness.

Tip: If you're a back sleeper, you may feel more comfortable with a level firmer than indicated. As a stomach sleeper, you often lie better on a mattress that is one degree softer.

The slatted frame for your new mattress

The slatted frame and the mattress should fit together. Because the box spring mattress is very thick and therefore a bit heavier, you need a stable slatted frame for it. Plate slatted frames and slatted frames for higher weight classes are a good choice.

Mattress care: You should keep this in mind with box spring mattresses

Box spring mattresses are very easy to clean: They usually have a removable cover that you can wash at 30 to 60 °C. This makes box spring mattresses well suited for allergy sufferers. But this is also useful if you sweat a lot. To remove mites, dust and dander, you should also vacuum your mattress once a week with a vacuum cleaner on the lowest setting.

To prevent mites from making themselves comfortable in your mattress, avoid a warm, humid climate. You can do this if you don't make your bed right away in the morning, but leave the covers turned back for a few hours. You can find more cleaning tips, including how to remove stubborn stains, here .

Conclusion: box spring mattresses adapt to your needs

A box spring mattress raises your bed and makes it easier for you to get up. That is why it is also suitable for older people and people with disabilities and is also a good alternative to a box spring bed. You can read a summary of which box spring mattress is right for you here:

  • If you have back problems,a slightly harder mattress with a barrel pocket spring core makes sense.
  • If you like to sleep on your side,pocket spring box spring mattresses are a good choice for you.
  • As a stomach sleeper, a softer mattress is best for you, usually about a degree softer than actually recommended for your body weight.
  • If you sweat quickly in bedor lie down a lot, make sure you have a breathable and pressure-elastic box spring mattress. These are, for example, models made of viscose foam.
  • As an allergy sufferer, pay attention to regular and thorough cleaning. The cover of your mattress should be removable and machine washable.
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