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by Urban Decoria 02 Nov 2022 0 Comments

Carpets online shopping in Pakistan buying guide

Warm comfort for your floors

Sink your feet into a fluffy rug on a cold day or simply lie down on the soft surface and relax: rugs make your home that much cozier. And there is also the right model for your needs: Fluffy or firm, colorful or simple, small or large, round or square - there are hardly any limits to the styles here. In the following you will find important information about the different models and styles, the materials and the care:

When should I renew a carpet?

You should replace your carpet when it becomes stained, worn, or worn. How long the floor covering lasts depends on how hard you use it and whether you maintain it regularly. Of course, you can also exchange your carpet if you no longer like it.

What should I look out for when buying carpets?

Before you buy a new rug, you should think about where you want to place it and what size you want it to be. While a fluffy cotton high-pile rug is ideal for the bedroom , the rug under the dining table should be flat-woven and made of hard-wearing synthetic fiber. It looks nice when your new carpet matches your interior.

What are carpets made of?

Carpets are made of either synthetic or natural fibers. Natural fibers include wool, silk, sisal and jute. For the synthetic models, polyacrylic, polyester or polypropylene are widespread.

Which carpets are easy to care for?

Short- pile or flat-weave carpets made of synthetic fibers such as polyacrylic, polyester or polypropylene are particularly hard-wearing, easy-care, moisture-repellent and hard-wearing. You can remove superficial dirt with a vacuum cleaner. Stains should be gently rubbed out with gall soap and a damp cloth .

Which carpets are suitable for allergy sufferers?

If you are allergic and sensitive to house dust or dust mites, opt for an easy -care short-pile rug made from synthetic fibers. To prevent dust from settling, you should vacuum it regularly.

Which carpets are suitable if I have underfloor heating?

If you have underfloor heating, choose a short-pile or flat-weave rug made from natural or synthetic fibers. The lower the pile, the better the heat can penetrate. Models made of jute or sisal are particularly heat-permeable.

Life plays out on carpets

Carpets as floor coverings are comfortable for the feet. The warm feeling underfoot creates coziness. The higher the pile, i.e. the carpet fibers, the softer and gentler the feeling under the soles. This invites you to leave the sofa and make yourself comfortable on the carpet - even on cold days.

Great variety: the different types of carpets

Carpets come in a variety of materials and sizes. Which one you choose for yourself depends on your personal taste and your circumstances. Do you have children or pets? Do you live alone or with your partner and do you want the carpet to be just a stylish accent in your living space? Here you can find out what types of carpets there are and who they are suitable for.

High-pile carpets: like walking on clouds

This soft carpet variant not only creates a particularly cozy atmosphere, but also ensures warm feet on cold days and is also suitable as a play carpet for children. In addition, high-pile carpets serve as footfall noise protection - for which your neighbors will be grateful. These models are just as suitable for living rooms and bedrooms as for the hallway. But a high-pile rug is also a good choice in the conservatory or in front of the fireplace. When using a wood-burning stove, keep a safe distance so that no sparks or ash get onto the carpet. High-pile carpets are easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.

Runner: Feel-good atmosphere and protection in one

They adorn entrance areas, landings, hallways and corridors as well as living rooms, dressing rooms, bedrooms or studies, but the runners have one thing in common: They are very hard-wearing and therefore wonderfully suitable for narrow, frequently used walking areas, and they absorb footfall noise, which is particularly noticeable in poorly soundproofed residential buildings. Most runners are made of polypropylene or polyamide and are therefore very easy to care for, as these fibers hardly absorb any dirt or moisture. Many models are also dirt-repellent, some even washable and suitable for tumble drying. Pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions here.

Oriental carpets: a dream from a thousand and one nights

Magnificent patterns, warm colors and high-quality workmanship - oriental rugs are classic rugs and have recently been making a comeback. A real oriental rug is woven or knotted by hand on a vertical frame and is made of noble materials. Such pieces are correspondingly expensive. Fortunately, today there are also numerous inexpensive models in the oriental style, which also look noble and at the same time can be used well in everyday life. The traditional patterns blend into different facilities - in the antique style, with traditional wooden or with simple, modern furniture. Thanks to the colorful patterns, small stains on such carpets are hardly noticeable, which makes them particularly hard-wearing companions.

Children's carpets: cozy play paradise

If your children are crawling or playing on the floor, a children's rug serves both as a warming surface and as sound insulation for the neighbors below you. As a rule, children's rugs are made of polypropylene, acrylic yarn or a mixture of polyester and polypropylene. These materials are particularly hard-wearing and insensitive to dirt. They also offer good value for money. High-quality models made of natural fibers such as wool or a wool-cotton mix are a little more expensive to buy, but have the advantage that they warm you up particularly well on cold floors.

Fur rugs: set stylish accents

As a bedside rug, as a throw for the armchair or as a fluffy foot warmer in front of the couch - fur rugs set stylish and cozy accents. Real fur rugs made from long-haired sheepskin and lambskin as well as cattle and cowhide rugs with a smooth, short-haired surface are available. But even carpets made of imitation fur can hardly be distinguished from real ones in terms of quality. What you should keep in mind: Short-haired models such as cow or cattle carpets are suitable for rooms that you frequently walk through, because long hair can break off if you walk on them frequently or if you move chairs. High-pile models such as sheepskins are a fluffy bedside rug or a warm seat pad.

Outdoor carpets: foot comfort for the garden and balcony

In summer they invite you to walk barefoot comfortably, in autumn or spring they protect your feet from the cold ground - outdoor rugs bring that living room feeling to the balcony or in the garden. The robust material and the hard-wearing and, above all, non-slip coating ensure that the outdoor carpet can withstand the weather - strong sunshine in summer or downpours in autumn. But the robust carpets also prove their worth in the entrance area: if your children come home from playing with wet rubber boots and dirty shoes, the carpet can then be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or a carpet brush with water and an all-purpose cleaner.

From fluffy to firm: The materials at a glance

Whether you choose a model made of synthetic or natural fibers for your new rug depends, among other things, on the demands you have on your new living companion. Should it be particularly hard-wearing and easy to clean because you have children or pets? Or should it primarily be a decorative element that will rarely be exposed to heavy soiling or stress? Here is an overview of the different materials.

New wool: dirt-repellent and warming

The fluffy material creates a pleasant room climate and insulates against sound and heat. Thanks to the natural fat content of wool, these rugs are dirt-repellent and particularly soft and warm. The natural material is also easy to care for and very durable. New wool carpets are antistatic and quite insensitive to dirt. Therefore, they can also be well placed in the dining room or in other rooms that are used a lot. They are suitable for all dry living spaces, they should not be exposed to constant moisture.

Cotton: soft and allergy-friendly

Similar to animal wool, this material is also particularly soft and elastic and provides a nice feeling underfoot. However, cotton carpets are not quite as dirt-repellent. This variant offers advantages above all for people who are allergic to animal hair, since the substance is completely vegetable.

Sisal, coconut, jute, hemp: robust and biodegradable

These plant-based natural fibers score with their antistatic and dirt-repellent properties and are completely biodegradable. With their solid and resistant structure, they are particularly suitable for heavily used living areas such as the hallway.

Silk: hard-wearing and noble

This noble variant is pleasantly soft and yet hard-wearing and stable. Due to the complex manufacturing process, however, you have to dig a little deeper into your pocket. Silk carpets are good as a luxurious base in the bedroom. You should choose other materials for the bathroom, since silk is sensitive to water.

Polyamide: insensitive and easy to care for

This synthetic fiber, also known as nylon, has an insensitive surface and is easy to care for. Carpets made of polyamide are therefore ideal for hallways, entrance areas or children 's rooms.

Polypropylene: inexpensive and durable

The big advantage of polypropylene: It is particularly inexpensive and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Overall, polypropylene is not quite as durable as other materials.

Which carpet suits your style of living?

There is also a matching carpet for many living styles. Orient yourself to the style of your other furnishings. Find out here what suits you and your style.

Country house style: natural colors and natural materials

Subtle colors such as warm beige or dark gray create a cozy living atmosphere, especially under light-colored wooden dining tables. Since the country house style relies on natural materials, wool and cotton carpets fit in particularly well here.

Scandinavian living style: clear shapes and graphic patterns

Natural colors, clear shapes – if you have furnished your own four walls according to Scandinavian models, you are well served with a square rug in plain white or with a colorful model with a graphic pattern in mint, blue, yellow, gray and white.

Retro style: bright colors and eye-catching patterns

A lot is allowed when choosing the carpet. Round or square, synthetic or natural fiber – it should only be colorful. A bright red, a deep purple or a loud orange look particularly good. But it all goes together. Wild color patterns combined in a rug are allowed in the retro style and set eye-catching accents.

Oriental style: fine patterns and warm colors

This is where it is at home – the oriental carpet. With its fine ornamental patterns and its muted colors such as Bordeaux, mustard yellow, brown and beige , it suitably complements the decorative style of living.

Colonial style: earth tones and animal prints

Since this furnishing style is characterized by solid, dark wood, carpets in light, soft earth tones should be chosen. Fur rugs also set welcome accents in living rooms and bedrooms. If you like it a little more unusual, you can also conjure up an eye-catcher in the living room with a carpet in animal print .

The power of colors: This is how they look on your carpet

Colors can influence the effect of the whole room. It is important to know that dark colors make a room look smaller, while light colors make it look bigger. A dark floor makes your room appear taller. If the ceiling and walls are designed in dark or strong colors in addition to the floor, the room appears lower and narrower. This can seem very homely, which is why rest and meditation rooms, for example, are often designed in this way. Colors not only affect the effect of room size, they also affect our mood.

  • Red has an activating effect - it wakes us up. Therefore, bright red tones should be used sparingly in living rooms and bedrooms. It gets calmer with red tones that transition into earthy ones, such as ocher or sienna. These colors convey security.
  • Yellow and orange bring the sun into the house and conjure up a warm atmosphere even in dark rooms. Orange brightens the mood and encourages conviviality - a fitting color for dining areas and kitchens. Yellow radiates joy and can promote creativity and concentration.
  • Blue appears cool, calm and reserved. It's often recommended as a bedroom color where you can put a blue carpet runner, for example.
  • Green has something of forest and meadows, freedom and space. It can calm and convey security and hope.
  • White looks clear, businesslike and elegant. It can be wonderfully combined, expands the room and lets other colors come into their own.

Five care tips: This is how your carpet stays nice and clean

The most important utensil for carpet cleaning is the vacuum cleaner, because regular vacuuming prevents crumbs, dust and dirt from penetrating deeper into the fibers. With valor carpets, you should make sure that you vacuum with the brush, otherwise stripes can appear. You can find more tips here:

  • You can take smaller carpets to the cleaners if necessary. Dirt and odors can also be removed at home with a carpet shampoo. Special cleaning equipment, which you can borrow from hardware stores or drugstores, is suitable for heavier soiling. If you don't feel confident doing the cleaning, you can have your carpet cleaned at home by a professional.
  • In general, fresh mishaps such as coffee stains should be removed immediately so that they do not first penetrate deep into the fibers and possibly trigger chemical reactions there. Soak up spills with a cloth and dilute the stain with water. You can also use a little dishwashing detergent to remove greasy stains . To keep a stain from getting bigger, always pat it dry from the outside in.
  • Red wine stains are best neutralized with white wine after you have absorbed the liquid. Salt also pulls the color out of the fabric, but it can leave a slight bluish tinge. Then use enough water to dilute.
  • You can remove fresh blood with plenty of cold water and a little shampoo. Dilute dirt from ballpoint pens or nail polish with alcohol, for example with acetone-free nail polish remover.
  • Before removing the stain, check the color fastness of the carpet on an inconspicuous area and follow the manufacturer's information.

Conclusion: Carpets create coziness

A carpet is often a purchase for life. It is all the more important that you find the right one among the countless models. So that you know what is important when making a purchase, the following checklist summarizes important points:

  • In which room should the carpet lie? Is it busy, humid, or is it the children's or pets' favorite spot? Make sure you choose the right material: Polyamide, for example, is hard-wearing and easy to care for. A particularly hard-wearing children's carpet is suitable for the children's room.
  • Which living style do you prefer? Does the color of the rug harmonize with the rest of your interior or should it create a suitable color contrast? In the retro style, for example, you can set accents with a bright orange carpet.
  • Do you have animal hair allergies in your household? In this case, go for a rug made from plant-based or artificial materials.
  • Do you want to optically enlarge your rooms or rather reduce them to create more coziness? Pay attention to the color of the carpet here - light-colored carpets can optically enlarge the room.
  • How much time do you want to spend caring for the carpet? Anyone who is very busy at work and is rarely at home should use easy-care and dirt-repellent materials such as polyamide.
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