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Candles online shopping in Pakistan buying guide

It's just beginning to get dark outside when you want to make yourself comfortable in your chair. Instead of turning on the big pendant light, you light some candles . That looks much cosier - and the glowing candles also give off a pleasant lavender scent. With a cup of tea and a good book, you withdraw and enjoy the evening. Here you can find out which types of candles are available and what you should pay attention to when using them:

Bright mood makers: candles for lighting and decoration

The open flame of a candle creates an indirect mood light that radiates a feeling of security and warmth with its natural flickering. Even when they are not lit, the light sources are beautiful home accessories thanks to their different colors and designs, which you can place on tables or chests of drawers and on shelves for decoration.

Real wax candles are made primarily from paraffin, a product formed when petroleum is mined. Paraffin candles are inexpensive and tend to burn longer than more elaborately cast stearin candles. This raw material is usually obtained from vegetable coconut or palm oil and is low in pollutants.

Thick, thin, fragrant – candles are so versatile

Candles come in many different styles, ranging from small tea lights and large pillar candles to aromatic scented and battery operated versions. We have put together the special features of the individual variants for you here.

Tea lights: small and light

With a diameter of 4 cm, tea lights are very space-saving. The candle wax is usually protected by a silvery aluminum case or a clear plastic cup. Since the material does not conduct heat, you can easily move the burning tea lights without burning your fingers. Variants with attached wax figures such as mini Santa Clauses bring even more variety and can be set up to suit specific occasions. Although the burning time is only two to four hours, tea lights are often available inexpensively in sets of up to 100 pieces.

Tip: Extra-light tealights without a protective cover even float on the water as floating candles.

Stick candles: long and thin

Bar candles usually only have a diameter of 3 cm and are about 20 to 40 cm high. Due to their shape, these variants appear elegant and delicate and therefore fit into corresponding beautiful candlesticks, which you can then put on the table at a romantic or festive dinner, for example. Depending on the width and height, the burning time of bar candles is between eight and 15 hours.

Pillar candles: big and thick

Pillar candles can have a diameter of between 6 and 8 cm and are quite high at 10 to 25 cm. This is also noticeable in the burning time, which is often over 30 hours for the massive candles. Thanks to their size, the thick pillar candles immediately catch the eye and provide atmospheric light individually or in combination with other sizes on the floor.

Scented candles: fresh and aromatic

Candles made with scented wax fill your home with delightful aromas. Vanilla and rose scents are real classics, lavender and jasmine have a calming effect, and invigorating citrus notes add freshness to the bathroom or hallway. Spicy Christmas aromas such as gingerbread, cinnamon or the scent of fir trees are popular in winter. Scented candles are mainly offered in pretty jars made of tinted glass. There are also the fragrant variants in the form of classic pillar candles or tea lights.

LED candles: individual and safe

LED candles have an artificial flame that runs on batteries. Visually, they are modeled on real candles and also imitate the typical flickering effect of a burning flame. You can even change the color of the LEDs on some models using a remote control. Since LEDs are very energy-efficient and produce hardly any heat, they are considered a safe alternative to candles. So you can fall asleep in the cozy candlelight without having to fear a fire hazard.

Decorating with candles: This is how you design your home

Candles are a great decoration in their own right. Even more individual design options result from the combination with other accessories. The following tips provide inspiration for decorating your home with candles.

  • Candle holders for standing or hanging give candles a better hold and also look decorative. There is space for up to seven candles in the multi-armed candlesticks .
  • Well protected in a lantern or a lantern, you can also use candles outdoors on the balcony or terrace.
  • With fir branches, some artificial snow and four candles, you can quickly and easily create an individual Advent arrangement. At Easter, you can fill a flower pot with moss instead. Add a candle in the shape of an Easter egg, loosely wrap some colorful sisal around it and your Easter decoration is ready.
  • Creative arrangements with candles, potpourri and glass balls can be conjured up in no time at all on a pretty candle tray made of wood, metal or glass. The decorative bowl should be level and solid so that the candles remain on it.
  • Arranged tea lights on the edge of the bathtub create a romantic atmosphere when you start your next bath The compact candles are also good as an aroma lamp .

10 tips for safe handling of candles

So that you can enjoy the cozy candlelight without any worries, you should follow a few rules when handling candles. Important: Always keep a close eye on burning candles - especially if they are part of a flower arrangement or if children and animals are nearby. You can find more useful tips for safe handling here.

  1. Avoid direct drafts, otherwise the candles will burn down on one side and may soot or drip heavily. Therefore, place candles away from air conditioners, heaters, windows or the stove in an area that is as shaded and windless as possible.
  2. To hold a stick candle in place, you can drip some liquid wax into the recess of the candle holder. This allows it to be pressed firmly and securely into the holder. If the candle is too thick for the holder, you can use a knife to gently scrape the bottom of the candle until it fits.
  3. A distance of 15 cm between burning candles is recommended, otherwise they will easily cause each other to drip.
  4. Make sure the rim of the candle is even all the way around. If necessary, you should cut off the overhanging wax edge with a knife. This will prevent the candle from burning unevenly.
  5. Trim the wick regularly and keep it between 10 and 15mm in length. If the wick is too short, carefully pour off some of the liquid candle wax. 
  6. After you have carefully extinguished the candle with a candle snuffer, you should briefly dip the wick into the liquid wax and straighten it up again straight away. This way the wick will burn up less quickly the next time you light it.
  7. To protect the candle and wick, you should immediately remove foreign objects such as match residue or broken pieces of wick.
  8. If you have children or pets, LED candles are a good and safe alternative to real candles.
  9. Put your candles on ice in the freezer for a few hours . The cold greatly reduces dripping and the candles last longer.
  10. Wax stains on tablecloths can be easily removed by placing blotting paper on it and running a hair dryer or iron over it until the paper absorbs the wax.

Conclusion: Candles create a cozy atmosphere

With candles you can quickly bring more comfort and warmth into your home. Thanks to original designs and a wide variety of colors, the wax home accessories are also a great gift idea. You can find the important information summarized here:

  • Tea lights are space-saving and can be set up beautifully in lanterns or fragrance lamps. The burning time is between two and four hours.
  • Bar candles with a burning time of eight to 15 hours look very elegant with their long, thin shape and decorate the dining table as table candles in a chandelier .
  • Pillar candles are thick and burn for over 30 hours. Protected in a glass lantern, you can even present these candles outdoors.
  • Scented candles exude an aromatic room scent, with a choice of invigorating, calming and Christmas scents.
  • LED candles are battery operated and have no open flame. As artificial candles, they are a safe option for children or animals.

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