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Coffee maker online shopping in Pakistan buying guide

Breakfast on the weekend. You enjoy the peace and comfort. Unlike on weekdays, you have enough time to devote all your attention to the coffee preparation. You get the coffee maker from the corner and fill it with coffee powder and hot water. Taste and aromas can unfold unhindered and come into their own. In this buying guide, you will learn how a coffee maker works and which model is right for you.

Prepare coffee quickly and unadulterated directly in the pot

Coffee connoisseurs know: Coffee becomes particularly tasty and retains its aroma when the coffee powder comes into direct contact with the hot water, without a coffee filter filtering out aromatic particles such as oils and fats. This is exactly how coffee makers, also known as “French presses”, work: You put the ground coffee on the bottom of the pot, pour hot water over it and stir with a coffee spoon . After four minutes of brewing time, you can slowly press the coffee maker's stainless steel sieve down to separate the coffee from the grounds.

Preparing coffee with the French Press is particularly easy because all you have to do to brew it is pour hot water onto the coffee powder at the bottom of the device. Except for heating the water, you do not need any other power source or equipment. Cleaning is just as easy: simply rinse out the sieve insert and glass jug with hot water, and you're done.

Tip: If possible, do not use too finely ground coffee. This becomes dark and bitter, especially after a longer steeping time in hot water. With a coffee grinder, you can determine the degree of grinding yourself.

Model variants for coffee preparation

In addition to the French Press, there are two other models that also fall under the generic term "coffee maker". In the following we explain the three variants in detail.

French Press

When you think of a coffee maker, do you immediately think of a French press? That's right, because the French press with its brewing container and the filter-free sieve insert is the classic version of the coffee maker. Because of the fine aroma and ease of use, the French press, which produces strong and full-bodied coffee, is currently very popular with many coffee drinkers.

Tip: Drink your coffee immediately after preparation or pour it into a vacuum jug . In the coffee maker made of glass or stainless steel, the coffee quickly becomes cold and bitter over time because the coffee grounds mix with the infusion.

hand filter

Coffee brewed by hand has a long tradition: insert the paper filter into the coffee filter , pour in the coffee and top up with hot water. This type of coffee preparation is currently experiencing a renaissance and is valid many coffee lovers as the true way of making coffee. The taste of filter coffee is rather mild because the short brewing time hardly produces any bitter substances. As an alternative to using paper, you can switch to stainless steel filters that are reusable. The pores of these filters are permeable to essential oils and aromas that get into the brewed coffee. The associated pots are made of either glass or porcelain.

Coffee maker with pressure brewing system

In machines with a pressure brewing system, the water is heated in the lower part of the device and the resulting steam is pressed upwards into the lid, in which the coffee and filter are located. This process, which involves a short contact time between coffee powder and water, creates a strong, aromatic coffee that is reminiscent of mocha.

Tip: No matter which preparation method you choose: The essential criterion for good coffee is the quality of the coffee beans or the coffee powder.

What you should pay attention to when buying a coffee maker

Your coffee develops its full aroma in the coffee maker. Which device is suitable for you also depends on the size and equipment. Here are some tips on what to look out for when making a purchase.


Most coffee makers are designed to prepare up to three cups and have a capacity of 0.75 l. However, there are also 1-liter cans for families or those who drink a lot. If you want to prepare your coffee to enjoy at your desk or when travelling, you can use small models with a volume of 0.35 l. There are also brewers with coffee filters in different sizes for one to three cups.


The classic French Press consists of simple glass. The characteristic filter and the coloring of the coffee can be seen in it. A container made of stainless steel looks classier and always clean, even if a little coffee powder has settled on the container walls. Coffee filters are mainly made of porcelain or plastic. If you like it colorful, you can also use a plastic French press in blue or red – but they are also available in plain black or white.

warming option

Some coffee makers have a warming plate so that the coffee stays hot longer. The special thing about it: The coffee grounds do not remain in the prepared coffee, but in the funnel that is located above the coffee. In this way, the bitter substances do not get into the coffee. However, makers equipped with a vacuum jug or mug are also suitable for keeping food warm.

Additional functions

Sometimes it's not so easy to measure the right amount of coffee. A coffee maker with a built-in scale helps here. The device weighs ground coffee and water independently of each other in a jug. This allows you to achieve exactly the desired mixing ratio. A measuring spoon, which comes with some coffee makers, and a timer that ensures the right brewing time are also practical.


Limescale deposits can form when water is heated. Devices with a pressure brewing system, for example, should therefore be descaled regularly. Coffee makers with a filter or a French press, on the other hand, are so simple that hardly any limescale or other residues are left behind. To clean, simply wash the container with water and mild dishwashing detergent and rinse the filter under hot running water. If you want to clean your French Press in the dishwasher, check the manufacturer's instructions beforehand to find out whether it is suitable for this.

Tip: Ground coffee loses its flavor over time when exposed to air and light. In the UPDATED guide you will find out how to " store coffee powder correctly and store beans optimally ".

Which coffee maker is right for you?

Choosing the right coffee maker depends primarily on how you like to drink your coffee. The following criteria can help you with the selection.

Intense coffee enjoyment

If you like strong and full-bodied coffee and like to brew your coffee by hand, a French press is the right coffee maker for you. These easy-to-use devices come in different sizes. French press coffee makers for two cups are available from €15, models with a capacity of 1 liter cost around €20.

Mild filter coffee

If you prefer more finely aromatic coffee, you should use the hand filter. Even if you drink your coffee with cake and pastries, dessert or ice cream, a mild filter coffee is a good companion that does not mask the taste of the food. Porcelain filters, into which you insert a paper filter, are available from €15. A corresponding coffee maker with a stainless steel filter costs from €30.

Particularly strong aroma

If you do not tolerate the bitter substances and tannic acids in coffee well or simply do not like them, a coffee maker with a pressure brewing system is suitable for you. The short contact time between coffee and water produces a strong, low-acid coffee reminiscent of mocha. You can get pressure brew coffee makers from €115.

Enjoy the full coffee aroma with the right accessories

The fresh brewing of the coffee directly in the pot is the whole secret of coffee preparation with the French press. The following accessories make preparation easier for you and help ensure that the full aroma of your coffee can unfold.

  • When preparing coffee, use fresh coffee if possible. With a coffee grinder, you can always grind the right amount of coffee powder to the desired degree of grinding for each cup of coffee.
  • There is hardly a quicker or easier way to heat water than in a kettle . These devices come in many designs from modern to country style.
  • Filtered water not only increases the lifespan of your household appliances. Coffee made with soft , low-carbonate water tastes more aromatic because the water filter removes flavor-impairing substances.
  • Coffee glasses fit your glass or stainless steel French press. In a double-walled model , your coffee also stays hot for longer - coffee glasses and French presses are therefore ideal for the office.
  • If you prefer porcelain, the classic mug with a handle is the right drinking vessel for you. Porcelain mugs are available in all imaginable designs, even to match the season.

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Conclusion: coffee preparation according to individual taste

The intensity of the taste and aroma of coffee depends heavily on the way it is prepared. You can achieve very different taste experiences with different coffee makers. Decide on one of the systems according to your preferences.

  • Lovers of strong coffee reach for a French press. A simple glass model designed for two cups is available from €15. Devices with a larger capacity of 1 liter cost around €20.
  • You can prepare a mild coffee, for example as an accompaniment to sweets, particularly well with the hand filter. A coffee filter like in grandma's time costs in the porcelain version from 15 €. For variants with a stainless steel filter, €30 is to be expected.
  • For the preparation of a strong coffee, there are coffee makers that work with a pressure brewing system in which coffee and water only come into contact for a short time.
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